Hello World...

Hello World!
This was often the desired output when I tried to learn HTML back in college. Now, it is a salutation that I chose to begin my blogging journey with, as a photographer at 12mp Studios. This blog is aimed to serve as a semi-formal communication space to talk about ourselves, our photography, and our work in eCommerce Imaging and eCommerce business in general.
We, at 12mp Studios, handle product photography for eCommerce, Advertising and Commercial purposes. Over the years of experience, we have shot everything from small jewellery pieces to mighty king size beds and big industrial machinery. As we continue to do so, here is another effort to reach out to the people who matter to us i.e. you.
We would surely love to talk to you about your needs and explore options about what can we do about them. You may contact us by clicking here while we go ahead with blogging here.
Let’s meet often.